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Baked Chicken and Buttered Toast


To date, only two people know about my book writing and its specifics. For now, I am keeping it that way! When I feel in my heart that the time is right I may share some more details. I will however share a small, very small, piece from tonight’s work just to keep you in suspense:

“Tonight I am thankful to be here and thankful to see via baked chicken and buttered toast that I am a victor, not a victim, and that victory exists”

Until we connect again…

Welcome and Why?!?!?!?


Welcome to my blog!

I am pleased you have taken the time to visit here today!

But for the real question at hand, why?

Why am I spending time that I do not even have on writing this blog? Well several explanations come to mind actually:

1. I am a thinker, anyone who personally knows me will shake their head in agreement with this for sure! I think, think more, over think, and then re-think. I analyze, dissect, rip apart, and glue back together so many situations that life throws at us. This blog here is my way of thinking out loud. I am not a big fan of surgery but if I was this would be my way of slicing open my brain on the operating table for all you to see!

2. I was inspired in some ways by an article written by Debra Fileta, the author of True Love Dates. This past week she posted an article titled: 10 Things To Do While You’re Single. I enjoy her writing and recommend her book and resources to anyone who may currently be in the single ship. I have found through my many years of singleness (9 to be exact) that the best antidote is to surround yourself constantly with inspiration. I have found much of her work to be very inspirational. This link will take you over to her website ( With that being said, in her article she suggested things such as traveling, finishing academic dreams, and mission trips; those things are not possible at this time given my current circumstances BUT I will do what is possible and a blog is!

3. I am writing a book. It may take me months, or years but I feel a very strong calling to write it. Sitting in my bedroom floor is a basket that contains MANY diaries with page after page of “ME”. Through years of change they have been a constant source of peace and way for me to keep pressing on. Not everyone has a stack of nonsense sitting around and I am lucky to have that and don’t want my pile of nonsense to be a pile of wasted thoughts, time, and effort. Stay tuned for book updates and more in-depth info on this because I will go into more detail about that in the actual book. In the event that I one day make the New York Times bestseller list though, I wanted my blog to already be in place for millions to see 🙂

4. I need a hobby! I need a way to fill the quiet moments of life! In between being a single mother, full-time worker, and Jill of many trades I still have quiet moments and want to make the most of them. A plan is in place for everyone and while I am on the way to where I am getting I am going to blog!

Until we connect again…..