Life Gets In the Way of Living Sometimes 


Unfortunately, I’m a living breathing testimony of that. I’m so passionate about writing, really I am…. but yet it has been years since I published a post. Yikes! Not a proud blogger moment 😦

To break down my title and explain more though: Yes, life, the unexpected day to day things we endure all too often get in the way of living sometimes. Living the life we may want to live anyway.

Besides moving to some corner of Australia void of other people, is there any solution? Certainly! Be intentional about “doing you boo!” Lol! But Yes! Be intentional about doing what you want to do. Devote that one hour (more or less depending) on what you find makes you spark. Beyond that, don’t convince yourself that a necessary chore is what you want to do! Washing the dishes may need to be done, but if we are really honest with ourselves is that what we WANT to do? Reserve this time for those random things you just enjoy (knitting, reading, walking, candy crush…) 

Can we all commit to giving ourselves just one hour a day? Comment below and tell me how you plan to spend your one hour.

About Jenn

In the process of discovering me but for now: I'm a mother to a sassy teenage drama queen, full time employee in the health care industry, author in the making, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and a recovering co-dependant. My thoughts are wild and my mouth very un-filtered. I love life and know each day is a gift so remove that bright red pretty bow and enjoy!!

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  1. It’s a good idea to schedule time for those things we love that tend to get pushed to the end of the line. I’m working to get back to specific days of the week: Tuesday for writing (not counting blog posts) and Thursday for art. As for one hour a day, I’d do well to divide that between physical exercise and reading a book. Thanks for the inspiration and the follow!

  2. Welcome back to the blogging world and thank you for following my blog! Oh yes how life can get in the way of living! Thank you for the reminder! I think I’ll go get my hair cut today. LOL

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